Thursday, 22 September 2011

You know what's worse than sitting in traffic?

Getting up EARLY to sit in traffic!!!  Thurs.- Mon. I got up early, as usual (alright maybe not *quite* AS early as I have been but still!), and was on the road by 6:25 at the latest...only to sit in traffic for 50 minutes!  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!  Anyway, I've rectified this and have been getting out the door a bit earlier so it's been better the past few days. 
And I've been working out!  Even when I've gotten to work late, I've been doing something, which I figure is better than nothing...even if it's only 10 minutes on the elliptical.  Which is HARD, by the way!  So, I decided to add it to my routine; this week, I've done that Mon. (10 min.) and Wed. (12 min.) and then I did the bike Tues. and today (30 minutes each). My plan is to up the elliptical to 15 minutes tomorrow with another 15 or 20 on the treadmill afterward to walk it off.  I'm taking it easy-ish because I'm out of shape and I really don't want 1) to hurt myself and get discouraged or 2) give myself a freakin' heart attack!  Slow and steady wins this particular race, I think.
On other fronts, I was VERY happy Monday to welcome my love back home from his stint away...and then we promptly had a disagreement yesterday and didn't talk the rest of the day. It's mostly my thing, I know, but I am having a really hard time figuring out how not to fall into the same patterns of reaction that I've always used.  I feel a certain way and I lash out, before I have time to think things through and apply some sort of logic to the situation.  I've suggested preemptive therapy to him and he seems receptive...I think it would be helpful now, early in the relationship, before we have all our bad communication habits set in stone.  We do pretty well in the area on our own but we both have some issues left over from previous relationships and I think having a professional guide us through some of the pitfalls would really be beneficial.  I think I'm going to put looking into therapists on my to-do list for very soon...what we have is pretty great and I've seen firsthand what breakdowns in communication can do to a marriage.
Now, I'm off to dinner with my love for his brother's birthday. And then we get a whole Saturday together!  With nothing necessarily planned!  AMAZING!  :oD

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