Saturday, 3 September 2011

The dreaded first post

I've decided to try again at this blogging thing...I certainly waste enough time in front of the computer so I figured why not spend at least some of it doing something potentially useful. My last blog only lasted a few posts but the first one I did a few years back helped get me through some very rough times.

I've started working out, trying (once again!) to get in shape and I'm hoping that this will in some way help keep me on track. I think I have a better shot at it this time as there are other factors at play which should assist in my motivation; avoiding my new, long commute by getting to work early and working out sounds good to me!  The only thing I hate more than getting up at 5:45 a.m. and exercising is uselessly sitting in traffic, raging at the gaggles of morons crowding the highway (can you say "road rage"?).

Also, I'm going to be getting married again, which is huge since I said I wouldn't ever do it again when my marriage of fourteen years broke up.  And we're talking about possibly having kids, which is even MORE huge since I just turned forty and had mostly resigned myself to the idea of being a crazy cat lady one day. I was actually kinda looking forward to having my own episode on some sort of animal-hoarder intervention show...but alas, it appears maybe I'm not meant to be a t.v. star after all.

So, it seems I may have some stuff to talk about in the coming weeks/months/years (?) and who better to share it with than a handful of strangers on the internet?  Stay tuned... 

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