Friday, 30 September 2011

Please don't squeeze the Charmin!

In preparation for the big doctor's appointment/checkup/weigh-in on Oct. 20th, I called to book my very first mammogram today. I told the nice Scottish lady who answered the phone what I was calling for and that there was nooooooo rush whatsoever, to which she replied, "How's Monday at 10:30 a.m.? No time like the present!". Unpleasant task avoidance: FAIL.
But really, it's a good thing...this way my doc might get the results back in time to discuss them when I go in to see her. I'm also going to have my annual bloodwork done, which I've been meaning to get around to since my March. On the ball with routine maintenance tasks: FAIL.
Not much has really been going on lately...the usual. I have been maintaining my workout schedule and ended up going 5 times the last couple of weeks and 4 times this week. However, despite KNOWING that getting up at 5:45 A.M. (!!!!!!) means that I NEED to go to bed earlier, my earliest bed time this week was after 11 p.m. So yeah, I'm dumb!  And this means that all my other household chore-type activities have which I mean I have done exactly as much as I had to in order to keep functioning and not much more. Which is bad.  However, since I've been good about the working out thing (which is HUUUUUUUGE for me!), I'm filing the whole week under: WIN.
Also filed under the win column is the fact that I'll be spending the balance of Monday enjoying his day off with my love. Plus, we're booking dentist appointments for the 20th, which will check another thing off my "stuff I just haven't gotten around to in a while (3+ years!)" list, and then we'll get to spend the rest of that day hanging out too! Edit: After consulting my love's work schedule, it seems not only is he unavailable on the 20th, he is actually in the middle of a week and a half long out-of-town stint. Oh, how I HATE his job sometimes. Let's go right ahead and file that where it belongs: FAIL.
Anyway, back to the positive. I am finally starting to notice a bit of a difference from the exercise I've been doing.  I think maybe my clothes are fitting a little easier these days and I KNOW I'm feeling better. It's getting easier on the bike too, even though I've now bumped it up to interval level 3...level 4, here I come!  I'm not going to post my weight until the official word after the 20th, but I'm feeling good and that really is the most important thing.  I'm putting off buying a dress for my love's brother's wedding in November until after this too; hopefully, a positive outcome there will buoy my spirits enough to carry me through clothes shopping...bleah.  I'll also enlist my sister to make sure I actually buy something, one way or another, since showing up to this wedding naked would not go over too well, even with my totally new and improved bod!  ;o)

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