Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Back to the grind

Why is it that vacation time goes by twice as fast as regular time?
Anyway, getting back into the daily routine has been exhausting, especially since I am still not feeling well. Plus, my love is in another city for the week, helping to open a new store so that means I'm a bachelorette for the week. Which sucks.  I miss him already...and yes, I am being a HUGE baby right now but it's hard being apart after we had a rare 4-day weekend together.
Vacation was wonderful! After the first few days spent slacking, I took my dad to a casino on Wednesday and we played a few slots and just got to spend some time together. Miraculously, he managed to walk out with $250.00 profit in his pocket even after funding my black-hole-of-bad-luck ass!  Even better, it seemed to really lift his spirits and even though it was a little tough on him physically, I think we'll try to do it again soon; give him a little fun and something to look forward to.
Thursday, my love and I went to a baseball game with some people from my work. It was fun and since we were in the nosebleed section, getting to our seats was an excellent workout as well - LOTS of walking!  I also managed to take the dog out for a couple of longer walks too (2 kms or so) so I did get a *little* exercise in during my holidays, although it was not every day by any stretch of the imagination.
Then Friday and Saturday were spent gambling and swimming (read "goofing around in the pool") and eating good food with my honey in Niagara Falls. It was so wonderful to have some uninterrupted "us" time as we don't often get to indulge in that kind of thing; his job usually precludes it due to his long hours and working weekends. We had to fight pretty hard to get this time too, since he had been scheduled to do the store opening and that had been unfortunately bumped up to conflict with our vacation. So it was twice as precious when we did finally confirm we could go.
Now I'm back to work and struggling to try to get back into the swing of getting up early and working out.  Instead, yesterday and today I slept in (for a WHOLE extra half an hour!) and paid dearly for the priviledge by spending 45-50 minutes in traffic. I'm all bronchial and nasally and I just wasn't feeling up to getting up at 5:45 a.m., especially after not getting into bed until after midnight last night, thanks to a trek out to Cambridge and back to drop R off.  And that was after a cell phone acquisition trip gone wrong, which took an hour and resulted in us still NOT having acquired the cell phones!
Also, during the phone debacle, the dimtwit who was "serving" us managed to endear herself to me further, after making us wait half an hour, by referring to me as R's mother, so that was DELIGHTFUL!  Seriously?!  If you aren't sure of a relationship (despite multiple references to us wanting a COUPLES plan), you might want to exercise caution when referring to it...say, "Let's get the lady set up first", not, "Let's get your MOM set up first"!  Also, unless you believe I was 10 or under when I gave birth to him, this was a ridiculous guess anyway...and we really don't even look 10 years apart, being as objective as I can about it.  /end rant
Anyway, the "extra" sleep is NOT worth it, so expect to hear in my next post that I've dragged my butt out early again for the rest of this week...back on track with me, dammit!

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